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San Gimignano

A short break or, even better, a real holiday in San Gimignano allows you to experience the Tuscan essence, a blend of art, history and traditions!

The charm of San Gimignano lies in its towers made from travertine and tufa which have been eroded by time. When travelling along the road from Florence to Siena on one of those beautiful, clear days the silhouette of the towers and the medieval town that has resisted all architectural transference into the modern day can be seen at the top of a hill.

As soon as you enter into the ancient city gate of Porta San Giovanni you feel as if you have stepped back in time, to the age when the town was in the hands of the merchants and rich local families who displayed their wealth and importance by having towers built, ever taller and taller. Of the many original ones, only thirteen now remain.

A visit to the famous “Collegiata” ( The church of Santa Maria Assunta ) is not to be missed, where one can see some important 14th century frescoes of the Senese school.

The countryside surrounding this medieval town with its vineyards and woods could be an ideal place for bicycle rides, or visits to the local wine cellars which produce good Chianti, but above all a full-bodied white wine called Vernaccia di San Gimignano.