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The Tuscan Maremma

Come spend a weekend or a week in the Tuscan Maremma. Paesaggi Toscani will help you find the best solution for your holidays!

Maremma, the part of Tuscany which is in the province of Grosseto, was for centuries a desolate, swampy area. From 1840 to 1850 the Grand Duke Leopoldo II of Lorena had land reclamation works carried out which made the area more healthy and habitable. However, even though economic progress and tourism have brought many changes and the population has increased, Maremma still invokes wild and rugged connotations due partly to age old traditions and partly to the configuration of the land.

A characteristic figure, still existing in this area who represents the merging of past and present is the “buttero”, an old-fashioned cowboy on horseback. Today one can still see these cowboys looking after their herds around the farms of the Maremma.

Maremma also means history. The archaeological excavations at Roselle make an interesting visit, where one can see the remains of an Etruscan town, interspersed with Roman remains, the Romans being successors to the Etruscans as rulers of our peninsular.

Maremma also means seaside and nature. In the Parco Naturale dell’Uccellina nature lovers are spoilt for choice with nature trails, some more difficult than others, in search of animals protected by Park keepers. Whilst for those who love the seaside, we recommend the Argentario coast or the small islands of Giglio and Giannutri on the Tuscan archipelago.