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Paesaggi Toscani invites you to spend a holiday in the area of the Chianti hills: the jewel of Tuscany!

The area of Chianti, acclaimed by poets, is divided in the districts of Siena and Florence. Without any doubt it can be deemed the jewel of Tuscany.

The wisdom and determination of the local farmers have literally shaped the land, perfecting nature and forming it into gentle slopes of vineyards and unique, harmonious hills where time has stood still to admire in seclusion the splendour of the landscape.

Not only wine

The most well known produce of Chianti is of course the famous “nectar of the Gods”. Chianti wine is still made according to the traditions and craftsmanship of ancient times, when man, who was in perfect harmony with nature, cultivated the hillside land and patiently planted with the sole object of attaining better fruit and more abundant harvests.

Over the years the wine tradition has clearly become enriched with new ideas and new vines resulting in the production of excellent wines which are well known and enjoyed all over the world.

The unspoilt landscape and ancient woods provide havens where travellers can find peace and quiet and are able to relax away from the frenetic hustle and bustle of daily life.