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Paesaggi Toscani Group and individual travels

Group and individual travels

Travelling means discovering and comparing oneself with far away places, living a life that is different , even if just for a short time. It means letting oneself fall into a time that is accompanied by unknown customs. Paesaggi Toscani will be by your side in this journey, either you travel individually or with a group, at the end of which you will go home enriched by new experiences and rejuvenated by healthy relaxation.

Choose a destination, tell us what you love about our region, about Italy, or what you would like to see and we will suggest a thousand itineraries with unlimited possibilities. We are sure of one thing: experiences are like people, there are no two alike.

We know how to guide you within a wide range of possibilities to find solutions that best suit the needs and expectations of your customers. Culture or relaxation, good food or sport? Together we will organise suitable itineraries or put together different activities so that each participant will be able to enjoy the holiday they have always dreamed of.